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Converting You Web Visitors Into Real Clients

As the manager of a leading web hosting firm, I have carefully analyzed the traffic of some of the websites that are hosted on our network. The amount of traffic that these sites have gotten in the last one month just amazes me. I actually called a couple of administrators of these websites to congratulate them for having done a great job.

One client who received approximately 14,000 new visitors the previous month noted how they had spent a lot of money trying to drive traffic to their website. The client further noted that even with the additional traffic, they are yet to convert these website visitors into real customers. He added that they don’t understand why this was happening.

I embarked on getting a solution to help our clients convert their website visitors into real customers. I discovered a simple method that actually works like magic, and then tested out the method on our IT department website site We had 6281 visitors to our site last month. We managed to get 1730 phone numbers and email addresses from these website visitors that helped us in our follow up. Consequently, we made 122 new sales.

Probably, you might want to try out this new method that I discovered recently. That’s why am sharing it with you absolutely free of charge. ProcessCARE has already come up with a web design for purposes of incorporating these features to help business owners succeed in converting their web visitors to real clients.

I am the creative mind behind this new, innovative, service and thus you can contact me for more details on how it works. The service is not just free, but also quite easy to use on your own as well. I am more than sure that I will be of invaluable help to you.

James O. James

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